Monday, September 19, 2005

The best man for the job

Accused of being an 'unglamorous frau,' it appears the era of 'The Girl' is on the rise.

Angie Merkel is not the only woman making significant moves in politics with Helen Clarke retaining power and Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Ryce[future prospects] being groomed as presidential candidates in the next US election, & a record number of Afghani women contending in the election this weekend.

Ironically, while Angela Merkel's beauty and grooming are so important as to be a focal point, when it isn't for male politicians, she stands a good chance of being voted in, in order to rescue Germany's ailing economy.

The right wing politician already has the backing of Blair and Bush, who were long since aggrieved by Chancellor Schroeder's anti-war stance.

And of course in Australia, we have Latham's kiss of death on Gillard.

UPDATE: Merkel, resplendent with obligatory first-lady make-over, but fortunately intellect still firmly intact, has won by a slim margin.