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Update## I have added some more images, below, if you have any details regarding when they were painted, email them to the name of the blog at Cheers, Mags.

Updated## When I created this page I did envision that the contributions from other artists would flow...but it has been some time since then and everyone's a bit shy. There's been a surprising amount of interest in those below, though. So, over the months ahead, I will try to edit in a little more background for each image - if you have any background to these that you want to contribute, please feel free - and I think there may be a few more images of the various prints that I can add, as well, seeing how it seems to be something that has captured everyone's interest. Cheers. ###

This is the first post to the Gallery pages. I'll be increasing the number of images/artists featured in the gallery over the months ahead, so if you would like to host any artwork here, please email the name of the blog at

These are some of the watercolours of Brenden Abbott, the most recent is "Little Boy Blue," painted after the National Apology in 2009. Abbott, afflicted with long-term recurrent chronic suppurative middle-ear disease, was removed from the Pilbara at age 12.

Brenden Abbott "Little Boy Blue" - image copyright

Reasonable Doubt: By Brenden Abbott (image copyright)

Iron Mike Tyson - by Brenden Abbott (image copyright)


Brenden Abbott "Sylvia" - image copyright
Brenden Abbott "Gough Whitlam" - image copyright

Brenden Abbott - "Who" - image copyright

Brenden Abbott - Mexican - image copyright

Brenden Abbott "Geronimo" - image copyright